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Our fossil records suggest that there once was a group of hominin species. And that the evolution of this hominin group was more like a bushy tree, not a ladder-like progression from ape to human.

Tracing Evolution H sapien two A photos

Photos of A afarensis and A africanus

However, there is an overall consensus of opinion that H.sapien lineage has passed through ardipithecine to australopithecine, and on to the transitional hominins, pre-modern and finally modern Homo. But exactly which hominins comprise the direct lineage to Homo, has been the 'holy grail'.

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The Ontogeny - Phylogeny Calcaneal Model

The OPCM provides a concise and straight forward roadmap in deciphering the Hominin lineage:


Defining the Ontogeny - Phylogeny Calcaneal Model and its' application

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Director of Research,International Academy RPT