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Thoracic Curves Linked to Feet - Inclusion Criteria

Thoracic Curves Linked to Abnormal Pronation - Research Study Inclusion Criteria

Right Thoracic Curve Linked to Feet - Skeletal Distortion

Right Thoracic Curve - Skeletal Deformation

Above animation delineates the skeletal deformations seen in a Right Thoracic Curve resulting from a Pure (Smooth) Ascending Distortional Pattern:

  • 1)  Right foot more pronated than left foot
  • 2)  Right innominate more anteriorly rotated that left innominate    Rothbart BA 2006. Relationship of Functional Leg-Length Discrepancy to Abnormal PronationJournal American Podiatric Medical Association;96(6):499-507
  • 3)  Pelvis unlevels and tilts right
  • 4)  Left sacral curve
  • 5)  Right thoracic curve
  • 6)  Low left shoulder
  • 7)  Head tilt right (right atlas laterality)
Thoracic Curves Linked to Feet - Raw Data and Statistical Analysis

Right Thoracic Curve Research Study - Raw Data and Statistical Analysis of Data


Photo and Xray Right Thoracic Curve - Adams Test

Thoracic Curves Linked to Feet - References

Right Thoracic Curve References

Above research study was conducted at the International Academy of RPT.  Study was published in Podiatry Review 2013:

Rothbart BA 2013.  Preliminary Study: Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Linked to Abnormal Foot Pronation.  Podiatry Review Vol 72, No 2:8-11.

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Director of Research, International Academy of RPT