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The FIRM is a Lexington, South Carolina based fitness company that was created in 1979. The FIRM's pioneering principle is to combine cardio and plyometric exercises with strength training to build muscle and burn fat.  This form of Synergy training is central to the philosphy of the founders and is still evident in current workouts. 

The FIRM workouts also include yoga, Pilates, kettlebells and a step workout using the patented TransFIRMer.

The instructors of the FIRM are women who work, go to school and/or manage households.  The average FIRM video is created with the everywoman in mind.  Most workout videos or DVDs are less than 60 minutes long and have an abbreviated "Express" option.

To date, the company has sold more than 10 million workouts and still holds classes at the home facility in Lexington.  The FIRM guarantees visible results in 10 workouts.

Current Master Instructors include:

  • Emily Walsh
  • Allie del Rio
  • Louise Smith
  • Kirsten Palmer
  • Rebekah Sturkie
  • Kelly Branning
  • Kelsie Daniels
  • Alison Davis-McLain