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The term somatotype refers to the three body types. [1] The concept of somatotypes was developed in the 1940s in conjunction with Constitutional psychology as a theory by American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon, whereby he associated body types with human temperament types. [2] The terms endomorphic, mesomorphic and ectomorphic are still used on occasion to describe body types, usually in conjunction with exercise programming for a specific body type, but interest in this kind of correlation between physiology and psyche has fell out of favor for being considered outdated. [2]


Main article: Ectomorph

A body type characterized by a light build and slight muscular development.


Main article: Mesomorph

A body type characterized as being well muscled; some references describe it as being with wide shoulders, long arms and a narrow waist.


Main article: Endomorph

A body type characterized by a heavy rounded build, often with a marked tendency towards obesity or being overweight.

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