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Running is essentially defined as the fastest means for a person (or animal) to move on foot. In terms of sports or exercise, it is perhaps the most common method of facilitating greater cardio-respiratory performance.


Running Mechanics[]

Running involves motion in the entire body.

Competitive Running[]

When running competitively it is usually a long distance run. Don't start out to quickly or too slowly, if you start out too quickly then you will tire faster than the guy who is taking it at a leisurely pace; starting out too slowly, you will find yourself trying to compensate in the end of the race and by then you will be too far behind to make a difference. I suggest starting out at a moderate jog...the best technique to keep your breath is to breathe in and then out with every step EX: right foot forward breath in, next step breath out, then in and out in and out


Jogging is running at a slower or leisurely pace for the purpose of increasing fitness, be it general or specific.


Foot and ankle pain and instability is a common problem for runners, and may be due to overloading, poor foot biomechanics, muscle imbalance, bone or soft tissue problems. Accurate diagnosis is essential

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