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Quadrupedal Movement (QM) refers to movement by humans on all fours. It is used frequently in parkour, free running, ptossing, and desent, as it is both an effective way to move at times and it provides and excellent form of physical training.[1]

Video Demo[]


Quadrupedal Movement

QM Movements[]

There are many variations of QM, but these are a few.

  • Cat Walk - moving with opposite hand and foot together (also known as the bear crawl)
  • The Lope - moving with same side hand and foot together
  • Bounding - moving with both hands together first, followed by the feet coming together inside the hands (like a monkey)
  • Gorilla - bounding sideways or at a 45 degree angle like an angry gorilla
  • Gator Crawl - moving from a bottom of pushup position, same side hand and foot together
  • Spider Crawl - moving from a bottom of pushup position, opposite side hand and foot together
  • Crab Walk - moving on all fours from a face-up configuration, as opposed to face-down
  • Balance QM- moving on all fours across a narrow ledge or rail

(Note-there are many names used to describe the same thing, as evidenced by the video and the list above. Really, the important thing is the movement, not the names.)


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