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 (1)  Locating the Subtalar Joint Neutral Position

Animation for Locating STJ

STJ circled in a pronated, supinated and neutral position foot

Locating the STJ Directions

Directions for Locating Subtalar Joints

(2)  Protocol for recording Primus Metatarsus Supinatus values

Protocol for Recording PMSv

Measuring the Primus Metatarsus Supinatus Value (PMSv)


Animated photos demonstrating how to record the PMSv

A microwedge is used to measure the Primus Metatarsus Supinatus value (PMSv) - recorded in mm of vertical deficit (distance between the ground and the first metatarsal head when the foot is positioned in its anatomical neutral position) 

F1 - Foot is pronated
F2 - Foot is placec into its anatomical neutral position (where the joint surfaces of the subtalar joint are congruous)
F3 - Microwedge is placed under the first metatarsal head / hallux - measurement is recorded

The inter and intra-rater reliability of this measuring technique has been confirmed by Cummings et al 1997

     Cummints GS, Higbie EJ 1997. A weight bearing ethod for determining forefoot posting for orthotic fabrication. Physio Research Intern, Vol 2(1): 42-50.

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Director of Research, International Academy RPT