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Pavel Tsatsouline (born Aug. 23, 1969 in Minsk, USSR) is a fitness instructor and a nationally ranked kettlebell competitor in the former Soviet Union[citation needed]. He is involved with the evolving field of martial arts fitness and is a major proponent of the traditional Russian fitness tool, the kettlebell, as an exercise and strengthening tool.

Tsatsouline was a physical training instructor for the spetsnaz[1]. He has trained personnel from the U.S. Army,[2] U.S. Marine Corps, the National Nuclear Security Administration / U.S. Department of Energy, and the US Secret Service[citation needed].

He was voted a "Hot Trainer" by Rolling Stone in 2001.[3]

Tsatsouline has published articles in Milo magazine[4] and Performance Press.

Pavel's publisher is Dragon Door, owned by John Ducane. Dragon Door is a website and publishing company generally focused on martial arts and related sports, but also catering to general health, fitness, weight loss, and stress management.



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