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With the massive, rapid growth of the fitness industry, trainers and coaches worldwide are seeking progressive, cost effective ways to stay on the pulse of thought, theory and practice in fitness, sport and rehabilitation. From this need has evolved the Personal Training on the Net web site: PT on the Net.

What will you find at Over 3,000 articles written by a host of internationally acclaimed authors; the world’s largest online Exercise & Flexibility Library; assessment tools and program design technology; audio clinics and live workshops with top industry presenters; exclusive virtual workshops, DVD and video courses; cutting edge web design; online programming service; functional product discounts; CECs with every major certification body; and much, much more.

Also, when you become a member of, you are automatically enrolled in the industry’s first Awards Program, where you are rewarded for your educational investment on functional products, continuing education courses and exams, workshop enrollments and more. As you invest in yourself, invests in you.

Starting in 1998 as a simple online registry for fitness professionals, is now the world’s largest and most comprehensive continuing education resource, serving professionals in over 65 countries.

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