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Dr. Romanov

Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov was born in Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia (May 25, 1951) to a single mother Raisa Ivanovna Romanova.[1] He is most known as the creator of the Pose Method®.


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Romanov graduated with honors at the age of 23 from the faculty of Physical Education of Chuvash State Pedagogical University in Cheboksary. After spending a year in the Soviet Army service from 1974-75, he continued his professional career at Chuvash Pedagogical University as a teacher of Track and Field and as a coach for the University track and field team.

In 1979, he started post graduate studies at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow in the laboratory of the renowned Soviet Union sport scientist and coach, Professor, Vladimir Mikhailovich Diachkov. After receiving his Ph.D. in Physical Education from Russian Academy of Physical Culture and Sports in Moscow, Dr. Romanov advanced to become the Head of the Department of Sport Disciplines, Head Track and Field Coach, and senior lecturer of Sport Biomechanics, Theory and Practice of Physical Education and Sport Training, Theory and Practice of Track and Field.

The Pose Method[]

Romanov developed and successfully implemented the Pose Method® with his athletes in the mid-1970s.[1] The Pose Method enhances efficiency and performance in running, jumping and throwing (track and field), as well as in swimming, cycling, gymnastics, speed skating, cross-country skiing and many other athletic events.


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  • Romanov, N.S. The Pose Method of Teaching Running Technique. English Edition, 14 p. (Unpublished manuscript submitted to the Library of Congress) USA 1994


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