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The foundational exercise on which many other kettlebell movements are based, the swing works the so-called "posterior chain" muscles of the back and core- encompassing gluteal muscles, hip extensors and paraspinal group muscles.

The Exercise[]

Swings can be performed double-handed or single-handed on a single kettlebell, or with double kettlebells.

1. Start from a deadlift position in semi-squat, feet stanced just broader than shoulder width. The upper body should be tilted forward but with back maintained straight and in mild extension. Head is neutral with eyes looking forward.

2. Pick up the kettlebell with an overhand grip (palm/s facing back).

3. Stand explosively (as in squat), energy of the hips directed up and forward, with the focus of your attention on contracting the glutes/ posterior hips and maintaining a tight core (region of lower abs & back).

4. The bell should naturally swing up with the momentum of this action; keep your arms straight at the elbow.

5. Squat back down to a comfortable depth as the bell falls and allow it to swing back in between your legs.

6. Explode forward with the hips again to complete the cycle.