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Invented by Dr. Carmelo Bosco while he was researching cures for muscle atrophy in astronauts due to Zero G. This technique basically involves wearing weights. "Gravity Doping" is what at least one Ph.D. calls Hypergravity Training, which is used by people ranging from mountain climbers at 50 lbs. to firefighters and special forces at up to 100 lbs. and astronauts at 2.5 G. The aerobic advantages are believed to be great, but are usually brought up in the context of "2.5 G". That means if you weigh 150 lbs., wear 225 lbs. or build a gravity cycle.

Researchers calculated from a weight loss experiment that using 5 lb. ankle weights and 2.5 lb. wrist weights would have a 14% improved NEAT calorie burn while doing household chores. Track and basketball primarily plyometric) metrics improved by 8-25% mostly depending upon if the subjects used weighted vests all day or only when training, but the effect disappeared after a month of not using Hypergravity Training.

The main problem with HT is that the impact on a joint is 1,000 lbs. per joint for an individual who weighs 200 lbs.without any additional weight added.

An overlooked option for HT is wearing steel (versus flimsy aluminum) chain mail with a belt to take weight off the shoulders. Amazon has an $89 33 lb. hauberk with hood compared to a same weight SmartVest for $225 that is designed to be worn under other clothes. Due to their bulk forget trying to discreetly use cheap strap on weights that consist of sand filled webbing, the density of silicon is 2.33 g/cc. It is safe to assume that the density of your body is 1 g/cc. Lead is 11.35 grams per cubic centimeter and commercially available heavy metal alloys can go as high as 18.5 g/cc .

True HT can be achieved by wearing form-fitting weights at a density near your natural body density. TITIN weighted apparel is a brand which uses solidified gel weights that are the same density as your muscle. This allows for improved fit and feel while training at full velocity. Their gel weights can also be heated and cooled for post-workout recovery. This concept is used today as ice baths. Imagine a mobile ice bath that is designed around your anatomy.