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High Intensity Interval Training is a training method used to bring about increases in cardio-respiratory performance in shorter sessions of higher intensity. The concept revolves around alternating bouts of light-to-moderate intensity with bouts of high intensity. A typical HIIT session will include warm-up, several short, maximum or near-maximum intensity bursts punctuated by lower-intensity recovery increments, followed by a cool-down. HIIT sessions normally range between 12 and 15 minutes, but can last upwards of 20 minutes.

Some research claims that High-Intensity Interval Training is more effective for fat-burning or maintaining/building muscle mass than high-volume, lower intensity aerobic workouts[1].

Whatever the case may be, HIIT should not be considered as being limited to aerobics. There are a couple HIIT resistance protocols (circuit training, for example) and resistance training is by definition a short interval form of HIIT. EPOC is believed to be the means by which HIIT works [2].

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