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a handstand

The handstand is an upper body skill that requires upper body strength, coordination, and balance. The "modern" version, which is the one used in competitive gymnastics, is perhaps the most technical version, as there is an air of virtuosity involved in that the entire body must be taut and in a straight line. There are other versions, however, all of which require a good degree of practice.

Things to Remember[]

Handstands done uncommonly well require precision in the entire kinetic chain. Here are some things to remember:[1]

  • Keep the toes pointed. Doing this helps keep get the body to follow in pointing upward.
  • Keep the legs tight, straight, and together.
  • Tense the abs, keep them tightened.
  • Shrug the shoulders to keep them engaged. (see active shoulders)
  • Keep the head between the arms.
  • Control the balance with the fingertips.

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