Gymnastics is a sport involving performance of exercises demanding high levels of physical strength, balance, power, agility and coordination. Modern gymnastics typically involves exercises on uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and vault (for women), and high bar and parallel bars, still rings, floor exercise, vault, and pommel horse (for men). It evolved from exercises used by the ancient Greeks, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills.



Artistic gymnastics

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Artistic Gymnastics is usually divided into Men's and Women's Gymnastics.

Women's events

File:Daniele Hypólito 16072007.jpg
; Vault
Uneven Bars
Balance Beam
Floor Exercise

Men's events

Floor Exercise
Pommel Horse
Still Rings
Parallel Bars
High Bar

Rhythmic gymnastics

Trampolining and Tumbling

Display gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Former apparatus & events

Rope Climb

Flying Rings



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