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I figured I'd just do the functionality thing right here in this wiki because I can edit it from home or work without have to bring a thumb drive or email myself a word document. I'll start out with just the links for the pages that appear on the Glipps homepage.

Registration Page

The page where users register for the site.

  • Required
    • Username (should have a function to check and see if it's taken)
    • password
    • email address
    • confirm email address
    • Captcha
  • Next Page
    • Location (city, state/province, country) (dropdown list "Display for": Anyone, Friends, Do not display)
    • Gender (dropdown list: Guy, Girl, Dude, Chick, Lad, Lass, Bloke, Bird, Gentleman, Lady, Male, Female, Transcendental, None)
    • Picture upload (picture crops to a square)

option to skip this for later and a note that says they can update this and more in their user profile


Glipps home

Glipps homepage mockup

This will be the main page, you know, the index page.

Main Menu

  • All Glipps

This will be the home page, I'm thinking that each page (All, Personal, Open, Closed) should show up in the main area, but that area should be tabbed, maybe one tab for Latest, one tab for Most Popular. Latest should be the default tab though, like how Twitter just posts the latest tweets.

  • Personal Glipps

This page will showcase all the Glipps that are only for the person who created it, but are also for public viewing.

  • Closed Glipps

This page will showcase all the Glipps that are closed to certain individuals only, but are also for public viewing.

  • Open Glipps

This page will showcase all the Glipps that are open to anyone and are public.

Secondary Menu

This is for the Categories. The info in parentheses should show up on mouseover, so there is no need to figure out a bunch of subcategories. Users will have to select one of these main categories and then add other subcategories they wish through freetagging.

  • Lifestyle
    • (arts, food and drink, travel, culture, socialization, pets, etc.)
  • Sports & Fitness
    • (any sport or fitness-related topic, etc.)
  • Entertainment
    • (movies, books, gaming, music, etc.)
  • World
    • (business, politics, etc.)
  • Knowledge
    • (math, science, languages, history, etc.)

User Menu

Will show up on the left sidebar.

My Profile

This page will show the user's profile. The user's profile should have a place for their quick bio (about me paragraph) with extra links to other profiles they have on other sites (myspace, facebook, etc.) which pulls favicon from whatever site they enter in. It'll also have on it their user picture. Other things to show on the user profile:

Glipps Box

Shows info on their activity within the website.

  • Conquered Glipps
    • Shows how many Glipps they have conquered
  • Conceded Glipps
    • Shows how many Glipps they have conceded
  • Pending Glipps
    • Shows how many Glipps they are currently involved in.

Other Profile Items

  • Favorites
  • Threaded comments instead of flat comments (not really a user profile thing), but people can comment/shout/whatever to your profile, depending on whether a user wants to allow it.
  • Some kind of settings tab or something to choose who their personal info is shown to, etc. (I think all profiles should be public, just you can't post to their page if they don't want you to)
  • Age and location (city, state, country)
  • Friends. A link that shows them their friends, where they can add, delete, or shout.

User Profile Settings


  • Option to change name, email, password
  • Password retrieval secret question input (allow user to formulate their own question and provide an answer that is not case sensitive)
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade membership between Standard and Elite Membership (eventually)

Personal Info

  • Option to change location, about me, gender, birthday, picture
  • Links: (Enter a description...) (URL)
  • Instant Messaging: (AIM, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo) (Enter ID or #...)


  • Display my name to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display
  • Display my age to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display
  • Display my gender to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display
  • Display my location to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display
  • Display URLs I add to my profile to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display
  • Display instant messaging addresses to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display

Shouts and Photos

  • Display shouts in my profile to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display
  • Allow shouts to me from: Anyone, Friends, No one
  • Display my profile photos to: Anyone, Friends, Do not display

Friends Glipps

This page will show the user's latest friend's Glipps.

Create/Submit a Glipp

This page will be used to submit new Glipps. I want to also make it as easy as possible for users to put stuff where it belongs and where they want it. So I think that each text box or dropdown they may encounter should be accompanied by help text that's easy to understand and help people get the hang of things. Here are some ideas:

  • For the actual Glipp
    • Enter the details of your challenge
  • For the timeline
    • Enter an expiration date for your Glipp
  • For the category
    • Select the category your Glipp falls into [and then you have the hover details to help out]
  • For the tags
    • Add tags to your Glipp (example: weight loss, PS3, geometry)
  • For the intended recipient
    • Select the intended recipient of your Glipp
      • Personal (this Glipp is intended for me only)
      • Limited (this Glipp is intended for one or more friends)
        • Select the friend(s) you wish to Glipp
        • Send this Glipp to someone else (email it)
      • Public (this Glipp is available for everyone to attempt)
  • For the privacy setting
    • Select the privacy setting for your Glipp
      • Private (only I can view my Glipp)
      • Friends (the Glipp will be hidden from everyone except those on my friends list)
      • Public (anyone will be able to view my Glipp)
  • Optional

Enter any substantiating criteria (e.g. must provide photo proof; will negotiate; etc.)

Extra Menu

(Across from the secondary menu) show Conquered and Conceded links that go to all Glipps that have been completed or given up on (they should be sortable somehow). Maybe a Disputed link also, for those ones that users think might not have completed the challenge.

Footer Menu

About Just a page detailing what the site is.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page. Could set this up so that I could add them in a backend it you like.

API Place where the APIs are located.

Privacy/Terms Privacy policy, terms of use

Contact Contact page.

Other Important Aspects

  • User picture
    • The user picture should be a small icon when used for comments, etc, and should also have something attached to it that shows the all-important user rating, which will just be a number (24/8, for example). That number would represent the number of Glipps a person has conquered and conceded, respectively. Possibly, even include a third number (24/8/3) with the last number being how many of their Glipps have been disputed (to discourage cheating). I think also, to encourage socialization, avatars of your friends should have some kind of tag that shows they're your friend (almost like the "online" tag in phpbb3).
  • Commenting
    • Comments should be available for Glipps and profiles (depending on the user's settings). Comments should be of a threaded type, rather than flat.
  • Blogging
    • Blogs should be available only for people involved in the particular Glipps, and should be kept to a maximum amount of words (maybe 200?).
    • Image/Video embedding
      • Users will be able to link to images and embed videos in their blogs/comments as proof. So maybe if we have something that initially utilizes Flickr, Youtube, and Google video.
  • Sharing
    • Users can share Glipps with people, either by shouting their friends or by email.
  • Advertising
    • I hate advertisements, because I think they clutter up the content on a site, however, it may be a necessary evil. I've been doing some research and I'll be damned if that Kevin Rose didn't already come out with another of my ideas: advertising that blends into the site (exactly what I want to do). So I think after the site is designed and the kinks are worked out, we can start thinking about incorporating something like what Pownce has: Pownce Advertisements

Once we have a feel for how the site will look and act we can figure out how to theme the ads so they complement the site instead of distract from it. I'd like the ads to be specific to our site, unique, and fit better with the rest of the content.


Initially, we should include three:

  • Myspace
  • Facebook
  • Drupal (or at the very least make a catch-all one that people can just copy code and paste, so we can put it onto FFitness).