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Foot To Innominate Link

Foot To Innominate Link - Animation

Abnormal Pronation of the Right Foot Displaces the Right Innominate Bone Anteriorly

Alternative Theory - delineating the pathomechanics linking abnormal pronation to pelvic tilt (anterior rotation of the innominate bone)[]

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Foot to Innominate Information

Pure Ascending Distortional Pattern

Currrent published research (2014) predominantly links abnormal pronation to an anteriorly rotation of the ipsilateral innominate bone and resulting functional short leg syndrome. However, two different pathomechanical models are presented to explain this link:

(1)  Abnormal pronation results in the cephalad displacement of the ipsilateral acetabulum, which results in shortening of that leg.  Example, if the abnormal pronation pattern is right > left, then the right innominate bone is more anteriorly displaced (relative to the left innominate bone) and the right leg functions short.

(2)  The alternative pathomechanical model is delineated above.

Whichever model proves correct, the resulting link of foot to innominate bone/short leg syndrome remains the same.  That is, the foot that is more pronated results in that leg functioning short.

Professor Brian A Rothbart

Research Director, International Academy RPT