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Foot pain is a common problem. Each year we take on average half a million steps, so it’s no wonder that things go wrong. The good news is that most cases of foot pain will settle with simple treatment at home. But where should you start?

Foot Pain Diagnosis: Find out what is causing your pain and how to treat it e.g. top of foot pain, heel pain, foot arch pain

Foot Pain Symptoms: Find out about common foot symptoms e.g. burning & swelling and how to treat them e.g. burning pain, swelling, numbness

Common Causes of Foot Pain: Find out everything you need to know about common foot conditions and injuries and how to treat them e.g. sprains, tendonitis, bone spurs

Top Treatments For Foot Pain: Find out how to beat foot and ankle pain and which treatments work best e.g. PRICE, orthotics, injections

Foot & Ankle Exercises: Learn how to improve strength, stability and flexibility in the foot and ankle with exercises e.g. stretches, strengthening, balance