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Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud is a stud poker game, and is one of the most recognisable variants of modern day poker. Five Card Stud is often played with 2-8 players, and is gerally played Limit, but can also be played Pot Limit or No Limit. The game is also often played with Ante’s

The objective of Five Card Stud is to create a traditional 5 card poker hand out of the cards dealt to you. You can exchange any number of your cards with the remaining ones in the deck and rounds of betting are played between them. The typical structure of a Five Card Stud game is as follows:

1) Ante’s are placed in the pot
2) Cards are dealt left from the dealer position until all 5 players have 5 cards.
3) A round of betting occurs, starting from left of the dealer (Check/Bet, or Bring in depending on the betting type)
4) Players can then either exchange 1-5 of their cards with the dealer, or ‘stand pat’ and not exchange any of them.
5) Another round of betting takes place
6) Showdown
7) Best hand wins the pot. In the event of a tie, the winning players split the pot equally

  • In the event where the pot cannot be split equally between the winners, the remaining amount that cannot be split is to be placed in the pot for the next hand*

The hands are ranked as follows: (From best to worst)

1) Royal Flush – AKQJ10 of the same suit
2) Straight Flush – Any 5 cards of sequential order, of the same suit (e.g. 23456 of spades)
3) 4 of a Kind – 4 cards of the same rank (e.g. AAAA7 – 4 of a kind A’s)
4) Full House – 3 cards of 1 rank, and 2 cards of another (e.g. AAAKK – 3 A’s and 2 K’s)
5) Flush – 5 cards of 1 suit, not in sequential order (e.g. A9753 of spades)
6) Straight – 5 cards in sequential order, but not the same suit (e.g. 23456 of varied suits)
7) 3 of a kind – 3 cards of the same rank (e.g. 222KQ – 3 of a kind 2’s)
8) 2 Pair – 2 cards of 1 rank, and 2 cards of a different rank (e.g. 2277K – 2 pair, 2’s and 7’s)
9) Pair – 2 cards of 1 rank (e.g. KK752 – Pair of K’s)
10) High Card – None of the above, the highest card is ranked

Five Card Stud is often considered to be one of the flagship images associated with poker, and is one of the simplest games to learn. To learn about different poker games, head on over to!