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A DTour is one complete session of Desent.


All DTours are preceded by a warmup. A Dtour is simply a random run outdoors at varying paces with bodyweight exercises mixed in, where movement is constant throughout. The exercises included in a Dtour could be predetermined (Dtasks) or at random (Dstyling) or a combination of both.[1] The Dtour is complete when all Dtasks are fulfilled or, in the case of Dstyling, when a certain time limit or distance has been fulfilled. A Dtour concludes with a cooldown,[1] followed by either static stretching or PNF.

Example Dtour[]

A more experienced Desentir (one who could easily implement/incorporate exercises on the fly when an opportunity presented iteself) would begin with a warmup, and embarks on the Dtour. The Desentir varies paces between moderate, moderate-vigorous, and sprinting throughout the duration of the entire Dtour, making every effort to keep moving at a decent pace (sometimes a Desentir will seek to keep their heart rate elevated to a certain level). The Desentir will integrate bodyweight exercises into the run whenever a prime opportunity presents itself. Experienced Desentir will use more full-body and plyometric exercises, or they will complete standard bodyweight exercises in rapid succession to keep the heart rate going.

The Desentir will usually begin with a "predesignated list" of tasks (these are referred to as Dtasks) that are required for completion (see samples), and will include "freestyle techniques" into the Dtour whenever possible. In addition to predetermined Dtasks, one might also have to contend with a kink, which is a random parameter that is thrown into a run. An example of a kink might be a bird, so that every time a Desentir spotted a bird they would have to sprint or run as fast as they could maintain until they saw another bird. Another example might be that one must drop and perform 10 burpees upon sight of a taxicab. The kink itself could be anything; the default response to a kink is sprinting unless otherwise stated, and they are entirely optional.

Some Desentirs track and record the time it takes to complete all Dtasks, while others include specific predetermined distances as well.

Sample DTours[]

It is recommended that Desentirs start out with a predesignated "plan" for any DTour, as it takes time to develop a "DStyle" technique, where one can implement new exercise ideas as opportunities present themselves. Below is an example of a predesigned DTour.

"Glasgow Smile"

Warmup: Jog 5-10 mins, then 3x 50 situps/flutterkicks

-100 pullups
-100 pushups
-100 distance burpees
-25 sprawls
Cooldown, then PNF stretch

"Glasgow Smile" would be performed as written, beginning with a warmup. Following the warmup one would do the DTour, making sure to incorporate each of those exercises into the run at some point, broken up into whatever chunks as necessary. When one has completed the requirements, a cooldown is performed, then PNF stretching. A kink is simply a random parameter thrown into the DTour to enhance the experience and increase the intensity. In this instance, the color red is the kink, which would mean any time the Desentir saw the color red on the run, he would sprint or run at the fastest pace he could maintain until he saw the color red again. A kink can be just about anything.

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