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The Daily Strong main page. is a site devoted to helping people fuel self-improvement by growing daily stronger in every aspect of themselves.

History[] was founded in February, 2008 by Mike Hussle. Mike, Vice President of Fatal Fitness, wanted to start a site that stressed "fitness" in a more wholistic sense, incorporating the "sound mind, sound body" principle along with his Christian convictions. He decided to create "DailyStrong" to promote strength in mind, body and soul specifically by promoting a daily "workout" for each: a physical workout from Fatal Fitness, a mental workout in the form of puzzles, riddles and challenges, and a spiritual "workout" in the form of a daily reflection.

Sample Content[]

DailyStrong updates content every morning, putting up a new Fatal Fitness workout, a new mental challenge, and a new spiritual "workout" (Gospel reflection).

Example of Mental Workout[]

DailyStrong strives to put up a wide variety of difficult mental puzzles, problems, as well as edifying and educating material, to use and challenge the mind in different ways constantly. However, one example of a mental workout is DailyStrong's game Math Poker:

Math poker...

Get a deck of cards. Shuffle it, and go through it one by one, doing mental math:

Spades= addition Clubs= subtraction hearts= multiplication diamonds= division

Jacks = 11 Queens= 12 Kings= 13 Aces = 1

So if I pulled the 5 of spades, then the next card was the ten of hearts, I would say in my head "5 times 10 equals 50". If I next pulled a 7 of clubs, I would in my head say "50 minus 7 equals 43". Keep going, even if it requires decimals. Don't write this down unless you are totally stuck. Do as much purely in your head as possible.

Example of Physical Workout[]

For an example of the typical physical workout DailyStrong would list, please see Fatal Fitness.

Example of Spiritual Workout[]

DailyStrong will every day post a reflection on a different reading from the Gospel. These reflections vary in style, but are most often based on the style of Ignatius of Loyola, which uses vivid imagination to mentally "place" oneself into the scene the Gospel reading portrays.


DailyStrong has several individual contributors. Topics of articles hosted on the main page range from spirituality to conservative political commentary, to pieces for simple amusement.

Social Network[]

DailyStrong provides a small social networking site, with features similar to sites such as "Facebook." This is in an effort to enhance users' experience on the site, as well as a way to provide any user the opportunity to write, post and discuss their ideas.

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