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Carmelo Bosco 1943-2003[]


Carmelo Bosco was an innovative track team physiologist who discovered Hypergravity Training. He later went on to study using vibrating platforms to improve physical strength. This has resulted in what has to be one of the most egregious fitness equipment scams. If one digs up Bosco's papers it is obvious that he never thought that vibrating platforms were any good for weight loss for which they are quite unscrupulously now being promoted. However, he did find some interesting training effects. The Chinese train using little jumps, so maybe Bosco was onto something if a person exercises on a vibrating platform. It is probably just extreme exercise for the core muscles without having to do ballet.

Bosco was a professor at the Hungarian University of Physical Education in Budapest and at the University of Rome. He was also a scientific consultant to many national federations in Italy and team sports and individual athletes throughout the world. He published in Spanish, English, and Italian and died of cancer.