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"Balance" redirects here. For the parkour move of balancing, see Balance (parkour).
  The ability to exercise precise control over the body's position and movement.


Balance, being the ability to control the body's position and movement, is a key component to nearly every athletic activity, especially gymnastics or martial arts. Balance is one of several important components of fitness, and should be integrated into every general conditioning program. People of any age can improve balance. A recent study that measured balancing ability of 130 older adults found that those who routinely exercised or had been physically active throughout life had the best balance.

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Hand Balancing refers to the art of balancing the entire body on the hands in various configurations, as seen in acrobatics and circus performances.

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thumb|300px|right|Some cirque du soleil hand balancing.

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The featured website for this portal is Drills and Skills. It is a fantastic resource for gymnastic-type exercises, featuring images and video demos on specific exercises, as well as drills and techniques on improving various aspects of your game. Beneficial to all.


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