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Don't let the term mislead you -- elite, in the case, has a double meaning. We're talking about the pursuit of excellence, not just in fitness but in knowledge. Elite knowledge of fitness, gleaned from these pages, will help you propel yourself to success faster than normal, however, the reality is that wisdom means nothing without application. So we challenge you to go out and play -- get out and turn up the dial. Make it happen.

  • This site is about physical fitness and health. You'll soon find that they are not mutually exclusive.
  • This site is about separating the wheat from the chaff. You'll see why most people are just spinning their wheels.
  • This site is about learning and growth. If you can't do so productively, please find another place.

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Forging It for some time now...

The CrossFit main page

CrossFit is a functional fitness system that was founded by Coach Greg Glassman in Santa Cruz, California. CrossFit focuses only on fitness for life performance, or preparing for the unknown; it aims to increase all facets of fitness while not specializing in any of them. CrossFit is one of the fastest growing exercise phenomenons in the world[1].


Who Are They?

CrossFit uses an eclectic mixture of gymnastic exercises, metabolic conditioning, Olympic Lifting, and many unorthodox exercises (tire flipping, sledgehammer swings) to accomplish their mission: supplying a fitness vehicle that is broad, general, and inclusive. The daily workouts, called WODs (Workout of the Day), are posted on their website. CrossFit believes in higher standards of performance, as evidenced by their striving toward virtuosity, yet their programming allows for use by athletes of all levels -- from Special Operations to senior citizens.

More CrossFit Goodies

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Get Yourself on the Right Track

Athlepedia is dedicated to highlighting the best fitness information out there today (though for information purposes we also deliver facts on not-so-elite fitness practices), because we believe in the power of this knowledge and that it should be free. If you're looking to change your quality of life through fitness, we can help.

Where should you begin?

First of all, check out our Elite Fitness Portal, and then pay our friends a visit: Fatal Fitness and CrossFit. Fitness is about improving the quality of your life, and to get fit you are going to need to move. The easy way is the long way around; if you want the best results, to feel the best, and to open doors you've never even known before, intensity is the only answer. It makes all the difference.

How about nutrition?

Nutrition is significant. If you ignore nutrition, you cannot hope to make any kind of continued progress. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in longevity, as does fitness. Find out more here and then visit our friend Robb Wolf.

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Jovtchev jordan

Jordan Jovtchev on the still rings

The still rings are a standard apparatus used in male gymnastics. They consist of two rings, typically made of wood (competition), or some other material (ring training). They are also known as the still rings, due to the goal of optimal performance of the male gymnast, which is to keep the rings as still as possible during a routine. The use of gymnastics rings is not limited to competitive sport, however; many people use rings to enhance conditioning programs. thumb|270px|right|Aleksei Nemov on Still Rings, 2000 Olympics.

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Dan from CrossFit Advantage ascends the rope without feet for support.

Climbing Ropes are an excellent way to develop upper body strength.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.--Steve Prefontaine

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270px|right|some various jump rope exercises The jump rope has long been a tool for increasing agility, timing, footwork, balance, and coordination by boxers and martial artists alike. In this video, Ross Training gives us a look at some various jump roping exercises. While we're on the subject, don't forget to check out these articles:

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