Below is a general list of stuff we ask from you, along with tips to give you more ideas when posting content.

Do not just copy stuff from Wikipedia and paste it here

That is bad. Our stuff is better anyways.

Some specific kinds of articles


Submit an article detailing a specific exercise. For an example, see pushup. Check out the Exercises category for a list of all the exercise articles you can enhance.

  • Do not just write a how-to article. How-to articles are boring.
  • Post a video demo of the exercise and then you only have to write the key points to remember (such as active shoulders during a push press).
  • Post links to other exercise articles.
  • Check out the Exercises Project for some really great ideas. Join it!


Submit a website page profiling a health and fitness website. For an example, see Fatal Fitness or CrossFit.


Submit an article on a piece of exercise equipment. For an example, see rings. Check out the Equipment category for all the articles on equipment.

  • Post as much relevent info as you can without droning.
    • Who invented it?
    • What is it made of? Does it even matter?
    • What is it used for?
    • Can it be home-made?


Athletes/Other Persons

Submit a bio on a popular athlete/person. For an example, see Steve Prefontaine. (you can also help us add to his page.)

    • What are they known for?
    • What contributions did he/she make?
    • Born/Died, when/where/how
    • Did they set/break any records?
    • Are there any books or films you can list as an added bonus? (see the Prefontaine article)
  • Check out Project Icon for some really good ideas. Join it!
  • Visit the People category for more articles you can enhance.

Sports or Activities

Submit an article on a particular sport or activity. For an example, see Gymnastics, Ironman Triathlon, or marathon. If you don't want to tackle the monumental task of covering such a broad topic as a certain sport, you can write about a relevant aspect of that sport as well (i.e. maybe I don't want to write about parkour because there's so much to cover, so I write about a wall run instead. Check out the Activities category for a list of more articles.

Parkour Articles

Submit an article on your favorite topic relating to parkour.

Equipment Articles

Submit an article on a particular piece of athletic equipment. For a list of all articles in the equipment category, check here.

CrossFit Articles

Submit an article on something related to CrossFit. For a list of all articles on CrossFit, check here.

Existing Articles

Improve upon an existing article by contributing more information or adding references.

  • Find a red link that strikes your interest and submitting the article.
  • Find a blue link that strikes your interest and add to the article.

These are just some suggestions. You can post stuff on whatever you like, but those should give you some ideas to get started.

Improvement on these articles are always helpful:

Also be sure to check out our Projects page. Here is a list of all the Athlepedia Projects in existence.

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