Athlepedia is a free, collaborative health and fitness encyclopedia. It was created in 2007 (and launched in 2008) by the administrators of, a fitness website tailored for advanced-level enthusiasts. Anyone can edit the Athlepedia, however, you must register with us first. And like the knowledge found in the Athlepedia, registration is free. The name is a hybridization of the words athletics and encyclopedia; since the very term athletics suggests an air of fitness elitism, we found it a fitting candidate for the amalgamation. Athlepedia uses Mediawikia free software wiki package that was written originally for Wikipedia.


Athlepedia was founded as a supplement to Fatal Fitness. It was created in 2007 when a brief experiment with another open-source product called Moodle brought awareness of wiki to a Fatal Fitness administrator. He started investigating the concept, and decided to incorporate Mediawiki into Fatal Fitness.

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