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The 40-yard dash is a sprint covering 40 yards (36.576 m), designed to measure running speed. It is primarily run to evaluate the speed of football players by scouts, particularly for the NFL Draft but also for collegiate recruiting. The method of timing a 40-yard sprint can affect the accuracy by as much .5 seconds (with the manual stopwatch method). The best methods of timing are lasers which start and stop the times when passed through.

Video Demo[]

Reggie Bush 4.33 second 40-yd dash. <videoflash>pJ4faK6n7lE</videoflash>

Administering the 40-yard Dash[]

To administer the 40-yard dash you'll need a straight-away, such as a field or a track. You'll need to mark off 40 yards. The test can be administered from both a stationary position (clock starts when the athlete goes) or a running position (athlete begins running a distance behind the line and the clock starts once the athlete crosses the starting line). For FF purposes, all 40-yd dash tests should be from the stationary position. Time is measured to the nearest hundredth of a second.

40 yard Sprint Scores (general guidelines)
College Footballers 4.6 - 4.9 secs
High School Footballers 4.9 - 5.6 secs
Recreational College athletes (male) ~5.0 secs
Recreational College athletes (female) ~5.8 secs

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